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Servicing San Antonio and surrounding areas

erreWhat We Do
  1. Enjoy swimming at your own home
    Enjoy swimming at your own home
    Conde pools will give you a free consultation and 3D design, we will go over access, time of build, and cost. We believe everyone deserves a Swimming Pool.
  2. San Antonio and surrounding area
    San Antonio and surrounding area
    From San Antonio to surrounding Areas we will meet with you and go over your needs and wants and come up with a game plan to make your dream a reality. We will work with you to produce a pool that you will be very proud of and will enjoy for many years to come. We want our customers to enjoy the pool building process as well as the finished product.
  3. Family time fun
    Family time fun
    Our Pools are built with Safety in mind, birthdays, parties and family gatherings are always better with a swimming pool its a source of joy for your family. Whether it's a way to get regular exercise or the perfect centerpiece for your party, your pool will be an endless source of delight from the minute it's completed.
From the day that excavation actually begins, it should take between 30 and 45 days (weather permitting). Keep in mind, that excavation does not begin the same day you sign your contract. Before we begin on your pool, there are certain things which must happen first:

Financing: We  have a list of companies that will work with you for your financing needs, we also accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. 

Homeowner Association: If you live in a subdivision with an active HOA, permission is sometimes required prior to excavation.

Marking and finding utility lines:   

Permits must be acquired from your city or county. Permits can sometimes hold up the process depending on your city/county and the time of the year. Conde Pools will let you know how long this normally takes .